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American Antler Dog Chews

American Antler Dog Chews

Naturally shed deer and elk antlers.  Long lasting, no splinters or odors, no added chemicals.  Great source of calcium, minerals and nutrients.

Every year deer, elk, and moose throughout North America naturally shed their antlers. These naturally shed antlers are collected from farms and woods by a variety of antler ollectors. All of our antlers are collected in the USA.

American Antler Dog Chews are made exclusively from #1 and #2 grade antlers. This quality means more nutritional value in the antler, and no splintering.

Deer, elk, and moose's diet consists of all natural vegetation ensuring healthy, organic antler growth. American Antler Dog Chews are cleaned only with warm water and a nylon brush as needed, and the sharp edges are sanded to avoid injuries. That is all the processing the antlers receive. They are not exposed to hormones, steroids, or artificial flavoring. A healthy and naturalalternative to other dog chews, American Antler Dog Chews are a long lasting, durable dog chew you can give your dog and watch as your pet enjoys this natural treat.