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Foxtail Fetch

Foxtail Fetch Toy.  36" long toy to swing, throw and fetch.

For over 25 years, dog owners have been using Foxtail toys with their active dogs—stuff it in a pocket, pull it out, swing it around by its tail, release, and your dog is off on a 50-yard sprint.

Designed for distance and durability, the Foxtail has been toughened up with rip-stop nylon, a weighty rubber ball, and triple-stitched construction. As a result, the Foxtail Fetch flies farther and faster than many other trow and fetch toys.

The Foxtail Fetch is incredibly easy to throw because there's no strain on your shoulder. You simply swing it by the tail and release. The momentum created by spinning is far great than a traditional overhad throw.

The Foxtail Fetch is 36" long and the ball is 2.25" in diameter.