Kurgo Auto Zip Line Leash and Zip Line Combo


It's nice to be one of those lucky dog owners. The kind whose pup loves nothing more than to get in the car and go. But let's be sensible, not every traveler is perfect and some can be pretty finicky. When it comes down to it, our sensible side also knows it's best to keep Fido restrained while driving – for his safety and the safety of others.

Inspired by a dog run, the Auto Zip Line™ allows back and forth plus sit and stand movement, but also provides security for those unexpected driving moments we'd rather not think about. A smooth running machine, this harness, leash and zip-line system make it super easy to get on the road with your pup. The leash easily connects and disconnects from the zip line when getting in or out of the car…which means instant transition from vehicle restraint to walking lead (yeah, we think of everything).
The Auto Zip Line is endlessly versatile and can be used between any two fixed points in a vehicle. Here is a happy and safe solution for everyone who agrees it's more fun to make the trip together.


-Package includes zip-line and leash/teather (harness not included)
-Works with all vehicle seatbelts
-Zip-Line can be used between any two fixed points in the vehicle
-More convenient to get the dog in and out of the car, harness is great for walking or riding
-Dog cannot jump out of car when door is opened

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